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Minor surgical procedures

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Minor Oral Surgeries

At JVR, we understand that some oral conditions require more specialized care. Our team of skilled oral surgeons is dedicated to providing comprehensive minor oral surgical procedures to address various dental concerns. We aim to make these procedures as comfortable and stress-free as possible for our patients.

Services Offered:

  1. Wisdom tooth/3rd molar Extractions:

    • Our experienced oral surgeons perform tooth extractions with precision and care. This includes the surgical or non-surgical removal of impacted, damaged or decayed wisdom teeth.

  2. Biopsies:

    • For suspicious lesions or abnormalities in the oral tissues, we conduct biopsies to analyze and diagnose any potential issues. Early detection is crucial for effective treatment.

  3. Pre-Prosthetic Surgery:

    • We offer surgical procedures to prepare the mouth for the placement of dental prosthetics, ensuring a stable foundation for dental implants, bridges, or dentures.

  4. Treatment of Oral Pathologies:

    • Our oral surgeons are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of various oral pathologies, including cysts, tumors, and other abnormalities that may require surgical intervention.

  5. Abscess Drainage:

    • Swift and effective drainage of oral abscesses is crucial for relieving pain and preventing the spread of infection. Our oral surgeons are experienced in managing and treating oral infections.

  6. Surgical TMJ Treatment:

    • For cases where conservative treatments are not sufficient, we offer surgical options for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders to alleviate pain and improve jaw function.

  7. Oral Fracture Repair:

    • In the event of facial trauma resulting in oral fractures, our oral surgeons are trained to provide surgical repair to restore both function and aesthetics.

If you require minor oral surgical procedures, trust our skilled oral surgeons to provide expert care in a supportive and professional environment. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your oral health needs.

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