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Braces and Orthodontics

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Orthodontics - Transforming Smiles with Expert Care!

At JVR, we understand the significance of a beautifully aligned smile. Our Orthodontic Treatment service is dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive care to achieve optimal oral health and a confident, straight smile.

Services Offered:

  1. Braces for All Ages:

    • We offer traditional metal braces, a reliable and effective option for patients of all ages. These braces are customizable, allowing for individualized treatment plans based on your unique dental needs.

    • In terms of braces and brackets we provide 3 options, namely: Regular metal brackets, Self-ligating metal brackets and Ceramic brackets (Tooth coloured).

  2. Invisible Aligners (Clear Braces):

    • Experience discreet orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. These virtually invisible trays offer a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces.

  3. Early Orthodontic Intervention:

    • For children, early orthodontic intervention can address potential issues and guide proper jaw and tooth development. Our orthodontic specialists assess the needs of young patients to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

  4. Adult Orthodontics:

    • It's never too late to achieve the smile you've always wanted. Our adult orthodontic treatments, including braces and clear aligners, are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  5. Customized Treatment Plans:

    • Each patient is unique, and so are their orthodontic needs. Our orthodontic specialists create customized treatment plans tailored to your specific dental concerns and cosmetic goals.

  6. Retainers and Post-Treatment Care:

    • After your orthodontic treatment is complete, we provide retainers and comprehensive post-treatment care to ensure that your newly aligned smile remains stable and beautiful.

Flexible Financing Options:

  • We understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment in your oral health and confidence. To make quality orthodontic care accessible, we offer flexible financing options to suit your budget.

Complimentary Consultations:

  • Schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation to discuss your goals, explore treatment options, and get started on the path to a straighter, healthier smile.

If you're ready to transform your smile and boost your confidence with expert orthodontic care, trust JVR. Schedule a consultation today and embark on the journey to a beautifully aligned and radiant smile.

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