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Overdentures - Enhancing Comfort and Functionality with Expert Dental Care

At JVR, we recognize the importance of providing our patients with optimal solutions for missing teeth that not only restore aesthetics but also prioritize comfort and functionality. Our Overdentures service is a specialized approach to tooth replacement, offering a secure and comfortable option for individuals with partial or complete tooth loss.


Why go for Overdentures?

1.     Partial or Complete Tooth Loss:

  • Overdentures are recommended for individuals with partial or complete tooth loss who seek a more stable and secure alternative to traditional removable dentures.

2.     Increased Denture Stability:

  • Overdentures provide enhanced stability by utilizing root canal treated teeth or dental implants as anchors, preventing issues such as denture slippage or discomfort associated with traditional dentures.

Key Features of Overdentures:

1.     We deal with 2 variants of overdentures:

  • Tooth supported overdenture - Here, your few remaining natural tooth i.e. canine/premolar are preserved. These teeth are root canal treated and reinforced with metal cover or attachment to act as support for overdenture.

  • Implant supported overdenture – Here, 2 or 3 implants are placed in the jaw with all teeth missing, then these implants are used as support for overdenture.

2.     Customized Fit:

  • Each overdenture is custom-designed to fit the unique contours of your mouth, providing a comfortable and natural feel. The precision fit minimizes irritation and promotes long-term comfort.

3.     Removable Convenience:

  • While overdentures are securely anchored to root canal tooth or dental implants, they remain removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. This allows for improved oral hygiene compared to traditional fixed implant-supported restorations.

4.     Implant Integration:

  • Implant supported overdentures are secured in place using dental implants that are strategically placed and integrated into the jawbone. This ensures a secure foundation for the overdenture, enhancing stability and functionality.

If you're seeking a secure, comfortable, and functional solution for missing teeth, trust JVR for expert care. Schedule a consultation today to explore the transformative benefits of Overdentures.

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